Rome Underground

Thirty feet underground lies a fascinating world of aancient wonders.

Specially designed to provide you with a memorable experience and broaden your knowledge of Rome’s buried treasures and hidden layers, this tour will take you off the beaten track, on a subterranean journey back in time.Our professional guide will lead you beneath the hustle and bustle of modern day Rome, to a silent, eerie city of villas, baths, crypts, necropolises, and aqueducts.

You will roam through the underground maze of the catacombs, whose tunnels, burial chambers and wall decorations provide a rare glimpse into the earliest centuries of Christian faith.

Visit the impressive three-levelled church of St. Clement, the Roman Houses on Celio, decorated with stuccos and magnificent frescoes dating back to the 3rd century, and finally the church of St. Nicholas in prison which houses in its undergrounds the remains of three pagan temples dedicated to Janus, Juno and Hope – fascinating excavations from the Republican era.

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